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Capability: Strategy

Service Definition: Vision and Mission

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Vision and Mission service interprets the business strategies, goals and objectives to formulate a helicopter view of the desired target. An organisation’s vision is often called its “future state”. It describes what the organization hopes to do in the future. A mission statement is short term, usually 3-5 years, and describes the organisation’s “current state”. The mission outlines how the organisation will go about achieving their vision. This service can be applied at either the enterprise, department of programme/project level. 

How we deliver this service

Our Vision and Mission service will ensure that you are able to communicate the strategic intent to all stakeholders. The Vision and Mission deliverables can be used to set priorities, build unity and give direction. 

EAL use best practice methods such as SWOT analysis, scenario planning, PESTLE analysis, business architecture and Porter’s value chain model. Various business architecture artefacts models will be produced and used within the Vision and Mission document.

EAL will work with you to communicate the Vision and Mission.

How we deliver this service How we deliver this service How we deliver this service
  • Business Canvas Model
  • Business Motivation Model
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Business Capability Model
  • Value Chain Model
  • Vision Model
  • Goals – Strategic Imperatives – Business Capability Mapping Model
  • Mission and Vision Document
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