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Capability: Strategy

Service Definition: Roadmap

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Roadmap service provides clients with a business and/or technology transformation roadmap illustrating the sequencing of required projects and work packages according to priority and benefit. We use a proven methodology to elicit and define work packages from the ‘hot priority’ target architecture areas balancing risk and benefits.

How we deliver this service

EAL will perform an impact assessment of the Target Architecture to determine an initiative list of required projects and work packages for the transformation roadmap. The work packages will be prioritised according to strategic alignment v organisational benefits. The roadmap of business and technology projects is developed for the timescale specifying work package groupings, dependencies, benefits, return on investment points that are backed up with a rigorous cost analysis and a ROI model. EAL will use a consultative approach to ensure stakeholder buy in. An optional business case can be developed to support investment into the roadmap.

How we deliver this service How we deliver this service
  • Target Architecture Impact Assessment
  • Projects and Work Packages Definition
  • Business Projects Transformation Roadmap
  • Technology Projects Transformation Roadmap
  • Cost Analysis and Return On Investment Model
  • Project Prioritisation and Sequencing
  • Enterprise Architecture Function Roadmap
  • Business Case Development
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