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Capability: Solution Delivery

Service Definition: Technical Review

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Technical Review service can be applied to any client project or situation to provide an independent expert informed point of view. EAL will examine your IS/ICT solution assessing the quality and completeness against a check list of pre-determined criteria. EAL will perform an architecture assessment analysis across a number of key areas. The core findings are documented in a technical review report.

How we deliver this service

EAL will review and assess the programme/project to analyse the architecture and technical solution environment, across the following areas: Business, Process and Application Requirements, Volumetrics, RAID, Methodology and Documentation, Solution and Design, Standards, Data and Integration, Non Functional Design and Security. Example items of analysis:

  • Traceability of the architecture and design to requirements
  • Selection and use of technology for systems development/maintenance and production operations
  • Information security and ICT infrastructure protection
  • Impacts to existing infrastructure capacity
  • Non-functional characteristics including performance, availability, scalability, resilience
  • Software licensing impacts (where relevant)
  • Technical risks and mitigation strategies
How we deliver this service
  • Efficient, trusted and lean approach used by over 100 global companies
  • A unique selling point is our ability to establish self funded benefit led opportunities and solutions through sophisticated architecture development techniques
  • Delivery and analysis through powerful EA management tools
  • Experts at enterprise, domain and solution architecture
  • Certified TOGAFTM professional services provider and contributor
  • Architecture Assessment Analysis
  • Technical Review Report
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