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Capability: Solution Delivery

Service Definition: Solution Definition

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Service Definition service  that can either lead or support your organisation when defining a new solution for a programme or project. In partnership with you, our consultants will work to understand your organisational needs and define a solution that fits your requirements. We have extensive experience in defining solutions across a wide range and diverse portfolio including digital, ERP, CRM, data and integration, business analytics. We have tier 1 product architecture expertise in SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and Open Source.

How we deliver this service

EAL will review and assess the project requirements to inform the solution definition phase inclusive of the following activities and steps:

  • Functional and Non Functional Requirements development (If not pre-existing)
  • Architectural analysis of the existing landscape with a view to informing the potential reuse for the future solution definition
  • Perform an assessment and evaluation of the potential solution options. Specify the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Develop a roadmap for the recommended option
  • Work with the client to agree a recommended solution from the available options
  • Develop the Solution Definition Document across all core domains
  • Solution Options Analysis
  • Solution Definition Document
  • Functional and Non Functional Requirements
  • Solution Definition Document - Business
  • Solution Definition Document - Data
  • Solution Definition Document - Application
  • Solution Definition Document - Integration
  • Solution Definition Document - Technology
  • Solution Definition Document - Security
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