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Capability: Solution Delivery

Service Definition: Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Architects (EAL) IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) service is designed to ensure the continuation of major IT functions in the event of a disaster and to secure the resumption of business activities to their normal state of operations. ITDR consists of a series of activities that minimise the impact of unplanned outages on the critical business processes and ensure high-availability of data, systems, and even the entire data centre. Unplanned outage can result from viruses, hacker attacks, computer malfunction, electric power failures, natural disaster, etc.

How we deliver this service

The need for ITDR is increasing with the increase of systems complexity. If organisations did not properly plan for unfortunate events, a system downtime can cost them thousands of pounds per minute. Knowing that the recovery from the loss of data is long, painful, and very costly, a sound disaster recovery plan is crucial to protect the well-being and survival of your organisation.

EAL will review and assess the organisation and environment to establish an ITDR plan in alignment with the ISO 23001 methodology.

  • Efficient, trusted and lean approach used by over 100 global companies
  • Understanding of the impact of IT service outage and the required recovery targets
  • Identification of critical IT services and a plan to mobilise the relevant resources in case of a disaster or any other adverse event
  • Reduce the business impact of interruptions
  • Achieve ISO 23001 certification
  • Experts at enterprise, domain and solution architecture 
  • Certified TOGAFTM professional services provider and contributor
  • Business Impact Analysis (RTO / RPO)
  • IT Disaster Recovery Strategy (Hot Site, Recovery & Resilience)
  • ITDR Architecture Design
  • Network Systems Failover Architecture Design
  • Primary Site Infrastructure Services Upgrade
  • Secondary Site Infrastructure Design
  • High Availability and Data Replication
  • IT Contingency Planning
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