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Capability: Solution Delivery

Service Definition: High Level Design

Enterprise Architects (EAL) High Level Design service provides clients with a flexible, on demand capability who wish to outsource the development of High Level Design to a suitably qualified company. EAL produce HLDs for solutions, application, infrastructure and component level. EAL produce HLDs for programme and project architectures including digital transformation, e-commerce (.com), ERP, biometric, enterprise automation and integration. EAL possess tier 1 product expertise in SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and Open Source (various).

How we deliver this service

Using reusable artefacts from our BLEAM toolkit and a consultative led approach, EAL use collaborative design, simplification, business domain expertise and technology leadership to deliver technical designs. Example engagement scenarios include production of HLDs for:

  • Security Industry Authority – Microsoft components design
  • British Telecom – Fault, Tracking, Placement and Diagnostics (FTP&D), Order Tracking, Order Placement, My Account and Web Analytics
  • Partnership – Equip core insurance platform design
  • Home Office – Infrastructure Design for IABS, Integration Strategy for various
  • HM Revenue & Customs – eChannel and Portal design
  • Efficient, trusted and lean approach used by over 100 global companies
  • A unique selling point is our ability to establish self funded benefit led opportunities and solutions through sophisticated architecture development techniques
  • Highly skilled technical designers in the Application, Infrastructure and Product space
  • Flexible, on demand high level design service
  • Experts at enterprise, domain and solution architecture 
  • Certified TOGAFTM professional services provider and contributor
  • High Level Design Document
  • Use Case Model
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Business Process Model
  • System Context Model
  • Logical Data Model
  • Data Mastery Matrix
  • CRUD Matrix
  • Deployment View
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