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Capability: Solution Delivery

Service Definition: Business Transformation

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Business Transformation service ensures clients achieve their business objectives, goals and strategies. EAL use our world known business architecture methodology to produce practical, actionable artefacts and deliverables that guide and lead transformation across the target area. EAL have successfully transformed large, complex programmes and businesses to help them meet their KPIs and other vision and mission targets. 

How we deliver this service

EAL’s Business Transformation uses model such as a company's organisation, people, capabilities, services, functions, processes and information aligned with the organisation's vision, strategies and goals.

Using a practical business architecture approach, our business and enterprise architects provide expertise and best practices to ensure our customers successfully achieve business transformation implementing vision, values and goals, assist with strategic decision making and identify their future investments.

How we deliver this service
  • Architecture Vision
  • Strategic Themes, Strategies, Goals, Objectives & Performance Measures
  • Business Model 
  • Business Capability Model (change management perspective)
  • Component Business Model (operating model perspective)
  • Value Chain (functional perspective)
  • Service Model (outside In customer perspective)
  • Business Process Model (inside out perspective)
  • Business Scenarios/Value Streams (event driven perspective)
  • Organization model
  • Investment proposals 
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