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Capability: Solution Delivery

Service Definition: Business Continuity Planning

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Business Continuity Planning (BCP) service helps organisations to develop their Business Continuity provision and then have an ongoing role in supporting the client keeping their Business Continuity Management System up to date. EAL has carried this service out for organisations who either want to be aligned to ISO22301 or who have a requirement to certify themselves to the standard. Cost effective service, especially for organisations who cannot justify the cost of a full time Business Continuity Manager.

How we deliver this service
  • Fixed cost of service allows Business Continuity to be built into the budget
  • Expert ongoing support by qualified practitioner
  • Ensures that business continuity is not allowed to get out of date
  • Ensures you are incident ready
  • Saves having to annually bid for a Business Continuity budget
  • Investment in Business Continuity maintained
  • Ensure your Business Continuity is up to date with the latest techniques
  • Efficient, trusted and lean approach used by over 100 global companies
  • Improving an organisation's resilience against disruption
  • Maintaining an ability to manage uninsurable risks
  • Developing a capability to manage business disruption
  • Minimising consequences of unexpected disruptions
  • Providing a method of restoring an organisation's ability to supply its key products and services
  • Protecting and enhancing the organisation's reputation and brand
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by demonstrating the ability to maintain delivery of its products and services
  • Achieve ISO 23001 certification
  • Certified TOGAFTM professional services provider and contributor
  • Business Risk and Impact Analysis
  • Documented activities necessary to prepare the organisation for possible emergencies (including strategic recovery measures)
  • Detailed activities for dealing with the Disaster Recovery Phase
  • Procedure for managing Business Recovery
  • Plan for testing the Business Recovery Process
  • Plan for training staff in Business Recovery
  • Procedure for keeping the Plan up to date
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