Case Study

GRID Smart Machines Digital Transformation & Delivery


Costa Express has initiated a major business transformation programme to provide a global GRID integration hub and platform that will integrate all self-service SMART coffee machines with the back office staff, customers, service agents and field service engineers continuously improving uptime and customer satisfaction, whilst reducing complexity and providing significant cost benefits to both Costa Express and the machine operators.

The transformation put in place an enterprise technology platform that could extract sales and technical information from coffee machines and make this data available for use in the external portal and wider tools such as reporting.

Costa Express provides state of the art Smart coffee machines that are fully integrated into intelligible platforms. Costa Express provide over 5,000 machines across the world and this is sent to expand considerably with the aid of the new global GRID over the next few years.

Customer Profile

Costa Coffee is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing coffee shop chains. In addition to the hundreds of retail stores and franchises across the UK, Costa Coffee has self-service coffee machines installed at various locations on a global basis, which are owned by Costa Express.

GRID Smart Machines Digital Transformation & Delivery

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