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Enterprise Architects establishes Enterprise Architecture Capability Development and strategic new Quotation platform design at Partnership

December 2014

Following a successful IPO, Partnership Assurance (PA) decided to invest in strategic changes to their core systems in order to give them a robust and flexible platform for keeping competitive in the future and to support rapid growth. The focus of the initial effort was on developing an Enterprise Architecture Capability, and to specifically support the programme to replace multiple existing quotation systems with a single modern system in order to provide a flexible platform for all existing and future Partnership products and services.


The objectives included:

  • Lead the programme for developing a new strategic quotation platform.
  • Technical Review and Assessment
  • 6 week Enterprise Architecture pilot
  • Establishment of Enterprise Architecture Capability
  • Establishment of a leading Enterprise Architecture management tool - Avolution ABACUS.
  • Development of a broad and in depth Enterprise Architecture for Partnership (As-Is and To-Be models covering all Architecture Domains, Gap analysis, Roadmap, SOA)
  • Support for the Equip Programme and related procurement activities in regard to development of the RFI and RFP to inform prospective suppliers of the existing and target architectures.
  • Technical engagement with potential vendors and suppliers analysing their offerings in comparisin with the To-Be model.
  • Service Oriented Architecture design and development with MS Biztalk for a proof of concept integration for COTS packages under evaluation.
  • Service Oriented Architecture, design and development with Biztalk for the implementation of a new financial product for Defined Benefits, which was successfully brought to market in 2014 to the value of 200 million pounds for Partnership.