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Moog AIM Blueprint and Roadmap

November 2017

Enterprise Architects worked closely with the Moog Infrastructure and Operations team and the Accelerated IT Modernisation (AIM) programme team to produce logical architectures and transition state architectures, particularly focused in the areas of Workspace Services, Data Centre Migration and IT Service Management.


The objective of the Moog engagement was to deliver an agreed current and target logical IT architecture that included Process and IT Organisation with an accompanying series of transition state architectures. Based on these architectures, to then use the EAL EA Capability Development framework to clearly demonstrated the blueprint and roadmap for delivering the AIM programme from a process, organisation structure and technology/tools perspective.

The exercise was undertaken in close cooperation with the Moog Accelerated IT Modernisation (AIM) programme team and IT Infrastructure and Operations team in order to provide mentoring in the techniques used, and to gain buy-in to the overall approach and agreed target architecture.

Strategic Objectives included:

  • Shift focus to differentiating technology, leave commodity/run services to outside providers.
  • De-risk the IT environment.
  • Supportable, sustainable, agile infrastructure.
  • Drive common solutions that reduce risk, cost and complexity.
  • Provide financial transparency and flexibility.

Critical Success Factors included:

  • Ability to accurately measure ITSM effectiveness, end user support, customer satisfaction score,
  • accurately bench mark our performance against industry
  • Improved efficiencies and savings, freed resources can be re-tasked to business segments and focused on value creation
  • Capability and speed to roll out new services
  • Ability to change Managed Service Providers without internal disruption
  • Ability to clearly identify and group costs by service
  • Ability to quickly leverage cloud services and hosted third party capability
  • Ability to consistently demonstrate successful Disaster Recovery