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Enterprise Architects supports review of the existing Enterprise Architecture capability and develops proposals for a refresh of Enterprise Architecture, Governance arrangement and links to ITSM at Department for Education

May 2013

Enterprise Architects provides client side consultancy for the re-establishment of the DfE Enterprise Architecture Capability with an emphasis on EA Governance arrangements, alignment to ICT Strategic Planning, Business Change Programmes and alignment to Ensure an effective EA governance approach in alignment with a Service Tower disaggregation. 


The objectives included:

  • Review the existing Enterprise Architecture capabilities and governance arrangements and make recommendations regarding how to proceed in the future, in alignment with the ITSM Service Towers, ICT Strategic Planning, Business Change portfolios and programmes.
  • Supporting the DfE CIO Group (CIOG) in establishing, maintaining and maturing the use of Enterprise Architecture practices within CIOG and across service towers to improve efficiency, quality and timeliness in the delivery of ICT enabled business change and associated outcomes and benefits.  
  • Supporting CIOG through establishing and supporting the joint operation of an efficient and effective Architecture Design Authority (ADA) to ensure that major architecture change proposals from all service towers are considered against the ICT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture.  
  • Focus upon the DfE Service Tower Contract ICT procurement programme to support all IT enabled business change initiatives.