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Enterprise Architects (EAL) works with Costa Express to deliver the COSTA GRID Smart Machines Portal and Integration platform for the Costa Express self-service coffee machines

November 2016

Costa Express has initiated a major business transformation programme to provide a global GRID integration hub and platform that will integrate all self-service SMART coffee machines with the back office staff, customers, service agents and field service engineers continuously improving uptime and customer satisfaction, whilst reducing complexity and providing significant cost benefits to both Costa Express and the machine operators.

The transformation put in place an enterprise technology platform that could extract sales and technical information from coffee machines and make this data available for use in the external portal and wider tools such as reporting.


The objective of the change programme is to establish a concept of ‘GRID’ challenging the established traditional business model currently found in Costa Express UK today. It has endeavoured to look for different ways of working that would enable automated collaboration, information sharing and knowledge generation for mutual benefit. In effect with the establishment of ‘GRID’, Costa Express is looking to develop a unique ecosystem that will allow their customers and their operatives to interact and conduct business simply and successfully; irrespective of geographical differences.

In order to maintain dominance in the market, Costa Express was looking to develop new methods of customer engagement, drive further up-take of the ‘self-service’ model by ensuring that the machines provided a premium service which was in keeping with brand expectations.

GRID enables management and control of machines with analysis by type of vend, geography, operator etc and allows for specific targeted marketing to increase sales and drive up revenue. Promotions can be by product, operator, location or a combination of all.