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Enterprise Architecture Consulting for BP R&M DCT – Enterprise Architecture Implementation Project by Enterprise Architects

August 2011

Enterprise Architects provides Enterprise Architecture consultancy expertise for the programme, in order to establish an Enterprise Architecture Office for R&M DCT that will provide the support to help projects deliver technical solutions based on a standard architecture for R&M (the target architecture for 2010 is a Service Oriented Architecture).


The key objectives and deliverables for the engagement are:

  • An Enterprise Architecture Strategy
  • An Enterprise Architecture Roadmap, that defines the migration path towards achieving a standard architecture across the Segment that is aligned with the Business Roadmaps.
  • An Enterprise Architecture Blueprint, validated by Pathfinder projects, that describes how projects will use the standard enterprise architecture
  • An Application Service Catalogue that lists the application services available for re-use by projects
  • Integration with the Enterprise Activity Model defining all R&M Business Processes