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Improve your knowledge in Enterprise Architecture Strategy


The Enterprise Architecture Strategy provides the principles, standards that drive the content of the EA Architecture.

These are approved by the Architecture Review Board and are used to guide and support the development and use of all the EA Architecture deliverables.

The prescriptive elements in the EA Strategy describe the principles, goals, objectives, standards and guidelines that enforce the enterprise architecture governance and compliance processes.

The remaining elements in the EA Strategy describe the enterprise architecture reference models (blueprint) that can be used by stakeholders such as the development and delivery projects and IT operations.

Business Strategy

The Business Strategy is a key business planning deliverable that defines what an organisation plans to do in order to obtain a competitive advantage in its chosen markets (check my article entitled "Business Strategy" for further details :

IT Strategy

The IT Strategy is a key IT planning deliverable that defines how the IT department in an organisation will operate in order to deliver the required services to the rest of the organisation.

  • Is about direction → A strategy sets the course, often for years to come
  • Is about time → A strategy is a long-term plan
  • Is about importance → A strategy has major importance
  • Is about consequences → A strategy has major consequences. When is a decision strategic ? When it is irreversible ?
  • Is about irreversible choices → A strategy includes some irreversible choices regarding what we will and will not do.

Check my article entitled "I.T Strategy" for further details :


  • Reducing costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Consolidation


  • Needs
  • Root causes
  • Problems
  • Negative effects

Business Motivation Model

The Business Motivation Model (BMM) is a useful approach to use.
This can be seen at Business Rules Group paper on the Business Motivation Model release 1.3

EA Decisions and Initiatives

The IT Strategy is not explicitely written as a single document but is instead realised by the content of the future state Enteprise Architecture.
In this way the future state Enterprise Architecture acts as a bridge between the systems developed, acquired products that are integrated and the implicit IT Strategy.

Credit to the author : Adrian Campbell

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