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Service Definition: EA Project Initiation

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Enterprise Architecture Project Initiation & Mobilisation service reviews and assess the client environment to inform the definition and mobilisation of the Enterprise Architecture project. The service includes defining and setting up the EA project, project initiation document, project schedule, stakeholder management, setting up an architecture repository, deploying an architecture framework and methodology (including tooling) and defining the EA mission statement and charter, principles and  Architecture Vision.

How we deliver this service

EAL will review and assess the organisation and environment to inform the definition and mobilisation of the Enterprise Architecture Project, inclusive of the following activities:

  • Understand the strategic enterprise drivers of the organisation, the key goals/objectives and the challenges
  • Stakeholder identification and assessment
  • Conduct key stakeholders interviews and assessment to validate strategic directions and elicit requirements and define expectations
  • Creation and implementation of the digital architecture repository
  • Recommendation and implementation of an architecture tool, meta model, framework, and methodology ready for delivery of Architecture content within subsequent phases
  • Delivery of a number of core EA project initiation deliverables
  • Efficient, trusted and lean approach used by over 100 global companies
  • A unique selling point is our ability to establish self funded benefit led opportunities and solutions through sophisticated architecture development techniques
  • Experts at enterprise, domain and solution architecture
  • Certified TOGAFTM professional services provider and contributor
  • Architecture Governance Principles
  • Architecture Repository Setup
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance Model
  • Enterprise Architecture Operating Processes
  • Architecture Design Authority Roles and Responsibilities
  • Architecture Governance Templates
  • Governance Boards Terms of Reference
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