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Service Definition: EA Governance

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Enterprise Architecture Governance & Planning service helps clients establish the key governance principles, governance bodies and boards, operating processes, roles and responsibilities, templates and terms of reference. EAL will establish and integrate the Architecture Group, Design Authority and Architecture Review Board into the client’s existing governance mechanisms. EAL will mobilise operational processes to ensure cohesion of solutions, projects and stakeholders transforming from an operating in silos organisation to a central change function.

How we deliver this service

EAL will use a consultative approach to establish a governance model that fits within your organisation. We will ensure stakeholder acceptance and that the EA function is centralised and positioned within the key business and IT decision making processes within the client environment. We achieve this by making sure that the relationships, inputs and outputs flow correctly between the newly introduced EA governance bodies and forums and existing wider client governance mechanisms. 

EAL work with you to mobilise the governance model and will stay until the processes and fully embedded into your organisation. 

How we deliver this service
  • Efficient, trusted and lean approach used by over 100 global companies
  • Establish architecture governance, processes and procedures using our significant experience 
  • Integrate architecture governance into your organisation effectively 
  • Become a central change function
  • Experts at enterprise, domain and solution architecture
  • Certified TOGAFTM professional services provider and contributor
  • Architecture Governance Principles
  • Architecture Repository Setup
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance Model
  • Enterprise Architecture Operating Processes
  • Architecture Design Authority Roles and Responsibilities
  • Architecture Governance Templates
  • Governance Boards Terms of Reference
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