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Service Definition: EA Consultancy

Enterprise Architects (EAL) Enterprise Architecture Consultancy practice provides custom services that help clients with specific enterprise, programme or domain areas. We use our award winning Benefits Led Enterprise Architecture Methodology (BLEAMTM) to deliver pragmatic and practical architecture work. Capabilities include deep expertise in Business, Data, Application, Integration, Technology, Security, Financial and Governance domains. We are experts in all the leading architecture tool vendors. We use Enterprise Architecture to deliver strategic business transformation.

How we deliver this service

Using reusable artefacts in BLEAM and a consultative led approach we focus on business outcomes and then select architectures to achieve them. EAL use collaborative design, simplification, business domain expertise and technology leadership to deliver architecture work. Example engagement scenarios include:

  • Business vision realised through architecture artefacts including a business capability model, business canvas model and motivation model.
  • Programme and project architectures such as digital transformation, e-commerce (.com), ERP, biometric, enterprise automation and integration.
  • Tier 1 product architecture expertise in SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and Open Source (various).
  • Enterprise Architecture tool implementation in all key vendors including Avolution Abacus, Bizzdesign, IBM Rational System Architect, Troux, ARIS, Mega and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.
  • Enterprise Architecture content development, selecting appropriate artefacts to address a business problem.
  • Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Model assessment.
  • Baseline Architecture Development
  • Target Architecture Development
  • Architecture Governance Function creation
  • Business Architecture 
  • Data Architecture 
  • Application Architecture 
  • Technology Architecture 
  • Integration Architecture 
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